IWP@50 Broadside Series

This series of letterpress broadsides was prepared in the summer of 2017 to mark the 50th anniversary of the International Writing Program. The authors selected are ten of its nearly 1500 alumni, each representing, in either poetry or prose, one of the program’s decades; the texts and translations are part of its permanent archival holdings. Permission for use has been granted by authors and translators, and the work is published in accordance with Fair Use criteria. The broadsides were designed and printed pro bono by Bradley Dicharry and his students in the University of Iowa School of Art and Art History.

To view or download a broadside design, click on the title of the poem or prose work.

Decade 1: 1967-1977

Poetry: Tomaž Šalamun, Slovenia, 1971

Poem “Tiho plapolajo angeli”

Translated as “Silently Flutter the Angels” by the poet with Elliott Anderson

Prose: José Donoso, Chile, 1968/1991

Excerpt from short story “Paseo”

Translated as “Night Walk” by Ernesto Trejo

Decade 2: 1977-1987

Poetry: Lorna Goodison, Jamaica, 1983

Poem “We with the Straight Eyes”

Prose: Nakagami Kenji, Japan, 1982

Excerpt from short story “半蔵の鳥”

Translated as “Hanzo’s Bird” by I.H. Levy

Decade 3: 1987-1997

Poetry: Mangalesh Dabral, India, 1991

Poem: “तस्वीर”

Translated as “A Picture” by Christi Merrill and the poet

Prose: Sergei Task, Russia, 1990


Translated as “A Mistake, or Nabokov’s Secret Trip to the USSR” by the author

Decade 4: 1997-2007

Poetry: Ashur Etwebi, Libya, 2006

Poem “ناي به تنوح الروح وينوح الجسد”

Translated as “A Flute that Voices the Body’s Moan and the Spirit’s Lament” by Rasheeda Plenty

Prose: Chi Zijian, China, 2005

Excerpt from short story “清水洗尘”

Translated as “Washing in Clean Water” by Simon Patton

Decade 5: 2007-2017

Poetry: Ali Cobby Eckermann, Australia, 2014

Poem “Circles and Squares”

Prose: Pola Oloixarac, Argentina, 2010

Excerpt from the novel Las teorías salvajes

Translated as Wild Theories by Stefania Fumo